Foster Ambassador: represents a commitment from individuals who wish to find a new home or rescue for the animal they foster. Under this outcome, the animal will never return to the shelter, eliminating any uncertainty. The foster ambassador takes on the responsibility of actively promoting the animal by sharing updated pictures, walking them with an "Adopt Me" identifier, participating in adoption events, and leveraging their network to find a suitable home or rescue. The goal is to ensure a positive outcome for the animal, whether it is a euthanasia-approved dog or one on the red list.

Foster/Adopt: This option is for citizens who express their intention to adopt an animal that has not yet been altered. The animal enjoys a temporary vacation from the shelter and will return to undergo surgery before finalizing the adoption.

Foster due to Pre-Wean or Medical Needs: When an animal is too young or requires medical attention.

Foster VACA: A doggy days out. A citizen can provide an outing for a dog for a day. The dog should be returned no later than 4:00 p.m.

Foster Information Request