Euthanasia Services

Sometimes the hardest part of being a loving pet owner is making the decision to have your pet humanely euthanized. Stanislaus Animal Services Agency accepts owned pets for euthanasia when the pet is suffering from a medical condition.

If you require euthanasia services please bring your animal into our shelter during normal business hours. No appointment is needed for this service.

Euthanasia Fee

$40.00 per animal

Policy on Surrender

The center accepts only owned pets that are either experiencing a medical emergency such as a traumatic injury or have suddenly become ill or those who are not experiencing a life threatening medical emergency such as age related illnesses or those whose pain is currently managed. We cannot accept pets for euthanasia from people who are not the actual owners of the pet. Friends, family or other people may not request euthanasia of an animal for anyone else.

Euthanasia may not be guaranteed. In some circumstances, animals may be evaluated by shelter staff and placed for adoption or rescue.

Owners are not permitted to be present during the euthanasia of their pet and we do not provide cremation services. If you would like to be present during euthanasia or cremation services for your pet, we recommend you take your pet to a veterinarian.

Euthanasia Process

Animals are euthanized by highly trained staff members certified to perform animal euthanasia. Pets who are nervous or scared are provided with an injection of anesthetic. The pet falls asleep within 5 minutes. Once the pet is sleeping, he/she is given an injection of sodium pentobarbital which immediately shuts down the pet’s central nervous system. The pet’s heart stops beating and the pet stops breathing within seconds of receiving the injection. The process of the medication working in the pet’s system is completely painless. After the injection is given, the technician verifies that the pet has passed away.