I Lost My Dog

Step 1

Click on the links above to view dogs at the shelter and dogs found by members of the community.

you see a dog that you believe is a match, write down the ANIMAL ID and call 209-558-7369.

Step 2

Fill out a Lost Dog Report,by using this link. Please note that reports are added to the website every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please follow the steps below to hopefully find your pet.

  • Post small flyers on neighbors’ doors and post large flyers at major intersections around your neighborhood.
  • Check in person at local shelter every day or at least every 3 days for new arrivals.
  • Check local shelters websites every day or at least every 3 days for new arrivals.
  • Check Nextdoor app for the neighborhood where your dog was lost/found and post dog with picture.
  • Check and post to the many lost pet Facebook pages for our area.
  • Check Craigslist for found dog posts in the Lost & Found category and create a lost/found ad with picture.
  • If your dog has a microchip, contact your microchip company, and ensure your phone number is updated in their system.

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